Best office prank. Ever.

None of the offices I worked in did crazy stuff like fill peoples’ workspaces with packing peanuts, balloons, or ping pong balls. Nor has anyone wrapped the contents of someone’s office in aluminum foil. My boss at Caribou used to enjoy asking new hires to get the toolbox out of the basement for her. The guys at the lumber yard where Howie worked years back would tell new guys to go out back and ask the guys for the left-handed wood stretcher. Yeah, that’s about it…Pretty pedestrian if you ask me.

I tell ya, what a bunch of fuddy duddies. They certainly never dreamed of doing anything like THIS:

My comments after the jump since I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

That, friends, is the stuff of legend. Legend!

Can you imagine? If I were¬† wouldn’t want them to remove it! I would leave it and open it up as a meditation space or lunchtime retreat. I’d put curtains in there. Ooh! For that matter, why not open it up for conjugal visits with spouses? Employee satisfaction would be bound to go up! You’d hope, anyway.

Hey, as elaborate as Google’s facilities and fringe benefits are, why not make little playhouses for the kid inside of each employee?

For that matter, where the heck do these people work, anyway? Their management does, indeed, have a good sense of humor.

3 thoughts on “Best office prank. Ever.

  1. They must have spent a fortune to do that! I agree with you, I would keep it and add things like curtains. It’s much more private.

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