Belated valentine

I was browsing some photos on my computer and thought I’d post a few belated valentines this evening. First, one of our cheeky squirrels.

And here are valentines I made for my co-workers at the coffee shop:

I made the paper for them myself, taking the Caribou logo and shrinking it down and tweaking its background with a fill, then making a checker board pattern out of it in Microsoft Publisher. I made an initial checker board 4 square, grouped them into one graphic, then copied and pasted that graphic a few times before grouping the larger graphic together as one graphic and copying and pasting it several times. It’s harder to explain than to do!

The candy heart BOU-LICIOUS I made by using this candy heart generator. There are other more photo-realistic candy hearts out there, but this one had a larger dimension useful for printing.

Happy belated valentine’s day!

One thought on “Belated valentine

  1. I love the picture of your little squirrel friend. He is a doll! I am a bigger fan of the squirrel than the bird though.

    Your valentine?s are really creative and I?m sure they were a big hit!

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