Before you pan pizza, read this

This one’s for you, Allan. You know Howie and I are fans of the Pie. Pizza pie, that is, although Howie does like Ductch apple pie a la mode.

Yes, we’re dieting, but we’ve not given up the Pie, oh no. We figure “everything in moderation” unless it’s a trigger food that sets us up for a binge (can you say fast food cheeseburgers?). Anyway, the ediets newsletter had an article about pizza that I thought I’d pass along to my vast readership. *snort*

Here’s an excerpt:

As a hungry whole, we gobble some 3 billion pizzas each year. So it would be easy for us to blame pizza for the fact 6-in-10 Americans are overweight or obese. It just wouldn’t be true.

In its basic form, pizza is not a bad food. In fact, it can be a part of a healthy diet. Well, when you stick with quality ingredients and eat it in moderation!

So don’t forego your beloved pizza just because you are trying to shed a few pounds. Instead, chew on this great advice from eDiets chief nutritionist Susan Burke, a self-proclaimed pizza nut.

See the rest of the article

You’ll have to skim through the first few paragraphs promoting the ediet membership special, but it gets better. 😉 I’m not a paying member of their site, but I browse the information presented there. My main diet support comes from the forums at 3 Fat Chicks and the weekly weight loss thread in the Healthy Living Forum at Dave’s Garden.

Anyway…Go, PIE!

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2 thoughts on “Before you pan pizza, read this

  1. When you guys want pizza, tell me. I will send via fedex a pizza that is worth eating. The frozen crap, the Pizzahut garbage, thats not pizza. If you want a real pizza, either get over to NY and I’ll treat, or email me and I’ll fedex. You can send me some fresh veggies. Swapping is good

  2. Pizza.. hubby and I eat that about once a week. We use the breadmaker to make no sodium dough. Hubby makes sure to not put too much cheese or sauce on.

    Commercial pizzas and such have too much sodium and I cant eat them:-(

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