Beautiful underarms?

I’m so glad, so utterly relieved to know, I’m not the only one who values the intrinsic aesthetic value of attractive armpits.

Dove has heard my heart’s cry. I may have the middle-aged wattle, but I can at least have attractive underarms now, and it’s all thanks to Dove.

The great thing about camera phones is they allow you to take impromptu shots of things like this sample I received in the mail. You can request samples from Dove at this link. Worst case scenario, if the deodorant doesn’t work well, no one will get close enough to you to inspect your pits for their attractiveness! It’s a win-win.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful underarms?

  1. I actually buy this soap and LOVE it. It has the tiny pieces in it that feel like sand, so you really feel clean. Thanks for the link, now I will try the deodorant!

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