Battered Brian Barely Beats Bumpkin

I know…Old news. Still, that headline from made me snort. Poor Brian…First his wife won’t choke down a big, juicy cockroach for him, and then when he gets home, he has to call the authorities because she’s hauled off and punched him in the nose. Gee, I wonder if things are better since he won the million. Maybe it was just the stress of wondering whether he was going to get a million dollars or only one hundred thousand. Pardon me if I’m a bit jaded here.

You know, toward the end, I actually was rooting for Clay, especially after the final two were grilled by the jury. I have to wonder if Helen only said that to Ted about Clay’s supposed racist comments to get Ted to vote against Clay…And I’m with Jeff Probst on wondering why in the HECK someone didn’t realize Brian was a huge threat and vote him off of there! Early on I thought Helen would have a really good shot at being in the final two, but that sure didn’t happen. I think most of them kept Clay around thinking he’d be the perfect one to bring along because so many disliked him.

Just some scattered thoughts here. We just finished watching the three-hour backstabbing-fest on videotape and my thoughts haven’t quite gelled yet.

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