Barley corpse foot

Howie worked an earlier shift today, so we just got back from grocery shopping. It’s felt sooo good to buy healthy foods and plan meals. He’s been doing the bulk of the cooking (especially anything requiring cutting, LOL) and doing the dishes, too.

A girl could get used to this.

Nah, I’ll be glad to be able to pitch in again! But in the meantime, I just finished Dave Barry’s Tricky Business. It’s one of two novels which Barry, known primarily for his funny syndicated column, wrote. It is HILARIOUS! My mom read it before I did and said she laughed aloud at many things; I had the same reaction and called her as soon as I was done so we could relive the things that tickled our funny bones. As Barry warns, it does have some strong language in it.

I started reading Dean Koontz’sNight Chills yesterday. Mom tells me his book The Face is now out in paperback.

Earlier this evening, I heard the dogs greeting someone in the kitchen and I assumed it was my MIL or maybe Howie. It was my mom and she told me to get two glasses of ice and get my butt out on the patio, because she’d brought a pitcher of iced tea!

She cut some of the barley straw we’d bought for the ponds and helped me get mine into the nylon knee high. I put some sticks in the nylon so it would all float and mom had the nerve to critique my handiwork! So what if my creation looked a little sub par? She said it looked like some corpse’s foot, and the twigs looked like bones! The nerve! 😉

Well, my “barley corpse foot” is now floating inside the chiminea we made into a water feature in the pond. It’s mostly out of sight that way and guaranteed great circulation.

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