Anyone who’s grown bamboo knows how some varieties can be invasive – incredibly invasive. Ironically, its prolific nature is what makes it a wonderful sustainable raw material for everything from flooring to cutting boards to clothes. Yeah, even clothes!

WebSOB-125x125 I didn’t know about bamboo fabric until an advertisement in Randy Cassingham’s incredibly funny This is True newsletter clued me in to SOB, or Shirts of Bamboo. They have some wonderful products! I had no idea there were scarves, t-shirts, and even fluffy bath towels made out of the stuff. Their colors are natural, not synthetic dyes. Wow! Since following the ad’s link and looking at SOB’s products, I’ve done a little more reading.

The stuff is amazing…naturally antibacterial, soft as cashmere when processed and spun into fiber, water-absorbant and cool to wear. The Toronto Star has a great article, Bamboo Bonanza, detailing its many uses and the properties that make it such a great medium. I would love to see how soft a fabric it is – I’m all about soft, drapy fabrics. The fact that it is a 100% renewable resource is awesome. And the garden geek in me loves that it comes from plants.

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  1. I signed up for This Is True after reading this. I think Kevin used to get this newsletter years ago. I know I’ve heard of it somewhere!

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