Bacon, Ohio? Awesome!

Until I was looking at the local weather radar just now to glimpse the thunderstorm heading through our area, I never knew there was a Bacon, Ohio.


Bacon, Ohio south of Coshocton. Who knew?

With a name like Bacon, it has to be good.

How awesome is that? With a name like Bacon, it has to be a nice town. It’s a tiny town on 541, in between Coshocton and Plainfield. It’s a place so small, there’s not even a Wikipedia entry for it.

I must go there.

On another note, I thought it amusing to read this headline on the Newark Advocate’s website this morning: Severe weather training canceled for weather reasons.

Screenprint from Newark Advocate's mobile site

Oh, how I love good headlines like that!

4 thoughts on “Bacon, Ohio? Awesome!

  1. I was just doing the same thing and found Bacon, Ohio. I can not find anything on it. 🙁

  2. Weird, isn’t it? I’ll have to ask my friend who grew up in nearby West Lafayette if she has any Bacon lore.

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