Backwoods bellydancing

Howie checks the community calendars at the websites of the local news media just about every day. Today he laughed aloud and read aloud this one from WCLT’s site:

Women in the Outdoors
Event Date: July 15, 2006
Location: Hilltop Sportsman’s Club, Orient, OH
Cost: $45.00

July 15 – U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance/Women in the Outdoors Orient, Ohio. Activities include basic archery, basic shotgun, belly dancing, cast-iron cooking, hiking and backpacking, basic handgun, bird feeders, yoga, basic first aid, GPS, stream ecology, canoeing, turkey hunting and calling.

Backwoods bellydancing? Shotgun Yoga? Hooo-yah! Grab that shotgun and shake your groove thing, baby!

ani-bellydance1.gif ani-shotgunwoman.gif ani-bellydance2.gif

I suspect the threw in the bellydancing and yoga to give the event a wider appeal. I’ll say this: It certainly got our attention! The event actually sounds pretty cool, something I’d enjoy (all except the belly dancing, anyway). I grew up the daughter of a hunter and I love camping, so the outdoors isn’t anything foreign to me.

Their day’s lineup is just so incongruous, we couldn’t help but giggle.

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  1. Yeah, I’m not usually one for animated gif’s on websites, but these were just too perfect when I found them.

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