Back at work, finally!

I am back to Bou. It’s great seeing all my customers and coworkers. I’ve been off since my August 14th shoulder surgery.

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7 thoughts on “Back at work, finally!

  1. When my boss left work today, she turned back around and hugged me as she said, “Oh, my God, I missed you!”. 🙂

  2. Ya look great and the customers must be so happy to have your smile and crazy ways back 🙂

  3. Crazy ways is right. And scattered…When I forget stuff, I just tell them I’m a brunette Phoebe and they laugh.

  4. I was in a car accident on November 6, 2007. My neck and shoulder were pretty messed up, and the surgery was to free up my shoulder. It was impinged, catching and causing pain. It just wasn’t healing up well on its own with conservative treatment and massage.

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