Bachman and Bou

I’m enjoying some Fireside Blend at Caribou this afternoon. With me is a Richard Bachman Stephen King book, Blaze: A Novel. I haven’t even cracked it open to read more yet, though; I keep seeing people I know and figure I can read a book any time, but some friends I rarely get to see. Not only that, there are always new friends waiting to be made. So many of our friends were made right here while sitting in these very chairs.

Anyone feeling blue should consider finding a nearby coffee shop. You never know who you’ll meet and befriend. Coffee may be pricier at a good coffee shop, but it’s still much cheaper than a therapist! A good coffee shop is like Cheers (wasn’t that a great show?)…Just without the drunks. 😉


2 thoughts on “Bachman and Bou

  1. I have not read that yet and neither has Kevin. Right now he is hooked on Anita Blake which he says I would love.

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