Avon Calling

Our local Cheapcycle group has the usual assortment of stuff for sale, with the occasional post for services for things like babysitting or housecleaning. Today I read an ad that caught my interest, and I want to share it with my readers.

Wanted: Online Customers for my 13 Year Old Daughter’s Business

I signed up for Avon so that my 13 year old daughter can sell it to
make money for her college fund. Since she doesn’t drive, she needs
online customers. Her url is http://www.youravon.com/kpass

You’ll find a link on the left for the latest brochures. Be sure to
check out their Outlet brochure. There are some really great buys in
it. Shipping will never be more than $3 and Avon will keep you up to
date on new campaigns and special promotions as well as send you a
catalog for the next campaign.

As a side note here, my 13 year old joined our family when she was 8
and has made great strides during that time. She went from being a
very angry, undisciplined child to a fantastic go-getter with amazing
goals. It would really please me to know that I can help her reach
those goals. To do that, I want to ask just one more thing. Even if
you are not interested in Avon, please share her link with others.

Thank you so much for your help!

It’s great that this girl ended up with a family that’s helped her to flourish! Her mom obviously loves her very much and that she encourages her in a business is wonderful. I definitely remember what I was like at 13 and I can guarantee I wasn’t thinking about goals or business. My mom and I were pretty much in survival mode, the both of us.

It’s not any more expensive than the better makeup brands available in retail stores, and they make good products. They have some great deals online, too.

This young woman’s dreams are a good thing – let’s support her! Please, even if you’re not in the market for Avon products, send her link to someone you know who is.

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