Automatic air…for a cost.

Our right front tire was low, so we stopped at Certified to get air. They charge $1 for it! However, the pump was pretty cool; you have only to set it to the desired PSI and the machine stops when it’s reached. The compressor doesn’t start until you have the nozzle on the valve stem. It sure beats having to stop and check repeatedly as you fill each tire.

2 thoughts on “Automatic air…for a cost.

  1. I had to stop at the same pump last week when one of our tires sprung an impromptu leak. The only thing was that the pump only did increments of 10

  2. That’s what I thought at first because the increments weren’t singular, but I went past 50 PSI accidentally to 55, but was then able to tap it back a single digit at a time until it was at 51.

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