Assembly Might Just Be Worth that Twenty Five Extra Bucks

Howie and I spent about ten hours disassembling the old desk, assembling the new desk and hutch, and rearranging the office to accommodate the different furniture. We are so sore from sitting on the floor all those hours and moving furniture after that. Man, this stuff takes so long to assemble! But I sure do love the results. We figured out we can scavenge some of the drawers and drawer hardware from the old desk and put them on the new one. The old desk kinda disintegrated when we took it apart to get it out of the room…Heh.

The office is too torn up for any pictures just yet, but once it’s cleaned up I’ll post some. This desk is SO cool, every bit as neat as I’d hoped it would be. Rush on over to and check them out, y’all. The only peripherals on my desk now are my monitor, printer and scanner, and all the cords are neatly absent from view. Now my clutter…Well, that’s another issue.

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