Are you survey savvy?

I’ve been participating in online surveys for about five years now, and really enjoy them. I’ve seen pre-release movie commercials, TV ads, and product ideas. I’ve even gotten samples at home to try and then report on when done; so far I’ve tested hand lotion, spaghetti sauce, and even toilet paper (the survey questions on that one were pretty detailed and product-specific, too). It’s fun, plus I’ve been compensated with cash incentives ranging from $1 to $50.

I’ve participated in surveys from Greenfield Online (if you’ve not registered with them and want to, would you let me know so I can send you a referral?), and, more recently,

Do any of you do online surveys? Where do you draw the line when it comes to the kind of information these market researchers ask?

3 thoughts on “Are you survey savvy?

  1. I don’t like surveys that ask how much money we make or how many children are in the house. I know I have a blog where I talk about my kids, but it just seems kind of creepy letting strangers on a survey know how many kids are living here. I figure that they can track exactly where we are, so I’m a little leery.

  2. I used to do surveys and got $50 for one of them. Stopped participating though after they got complicated with registration and directions within the surveys themselves.

  3. I can see where the kid questions might make you pause, yes. I only participate in the better known market researchers — sure never do any that spam me.

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