Apt ads in Gmail: a demon slayer for your puppy?

Google is the king of context-sensitive ads. Sometimes, the ads that display are eerily apt, however. Take the one I saw today when I opened an e-mail from a friend. He wrote to tell us about the new puppy in their family, Angus the Scotty dog.  I’ve circled the ad so you’re sure not to miss it:

Angus the Evil

Think our friends may need to bookmark that business’ website? Puppies can be destructive, but I don’t think there’s any metaphysical or spiritual cure for that, just time. Eventually the piss and vinegar dissipate…You hope.

3 thoughts on “Apt ads in Gmail: a demon slayer for your puppy?

  1. I guess it must have picked up the word evil and run with it.

    I like seeing what ads come up, mostly because of the odd combinations that pop up like rare gems in a mineshaft. *grin*

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