Antagonistic to the juiceless forms of hot up

Have you ever messed around with one of those online translation sites, like Google Translate? It’s particularly fun to paste song lyrics into it, translate them to another language, then copy and paste the resulting text into the box and translate that back into English. Some phrases come back so twisted, they’re hardly recognizable. Well, today I ran across an entire website populated by what appears to be machine-translated copy.

Regarding a digital heating pad:

Thermotech Digital Moist Heating Pads are the 1st of the healing art mark electrical moist heating pad uncommitted to the society. Thermotech digital moist heating pads, as antagonistic to juiceless forms of hot up, draws wet from the broadcast and retains it in especially intentional top-quality ceramic heating proper state cells and delivers that Moist0 heat up rich into your musculus tissue paper toward upper limit ease homogeneous to a rich tissue paper or shiatsu rub down.

How about some dog treats, such as bully sticks? (If you have to ask what those are, you don’t want to know.)

* Case of 24 12-inch beef chews in opposition to dogs; severally wrapped
* Only unitary fixings, bull through pizzle
* All instinctive, no preservatives
* Fully digestible; promotes dental wellness
* Great deputize notwithstanding rawhide

Bull through pizzle….is shizzle! Okay, how about some liquid deodorizer?

Concentrated chemical formula. Effectively controls violative odors from fag and cigar smoking, mildew, mold, cookery, run out, bath and lascivious areas.

Lascivious areas? Man, I really don’t want to know…

My mom has an electric scooter, but I don’t think it holds a candle to this baby. Check out the description of this 3-wheel scooter!

Comfortable tallness adjustable, upgraded sit down attending twitch hind, adjustable breadth warlike exploits. Top velocity 4 mph and a cruising run of 15 miles. Comes received by the agency of anti tippers. Easy to transfer wireless batteries that put up be supercharged divide from the scooter. Flat liberal tires. Large take basketful. Easy to set husbandman.

Warlike exploits! Oh, boy!

Need the perfect baby shower gift? How about a Poodle diaper cake?

Oh la la! French Poodle inspired 3 Tier diaper cakes ar sure to arrive you ohhh’s and ahhh’s at the infant shower!Can easy do dual tariff as a shower down centrepiece! Made in the estimation of trademark make disposable diapers and lots of utile babe items young parents testament enjoy to have! Includes Tumbleweed Babies pilot layette items…..Topped turned upon a existent 8 oz infant alimentation bottleful Arrives attractively wrapped in crispy, open cellophane, decorated attending a matching bow down and offering natural enclosure scorecard. A Diaper Poodle0 “Recipe Card”, detailing the Poodle1 ingredients is too included. Please Note: Cakes may non ever be exactly as pictured to be paid to availability of items. Each Poodle2 is hand-crafted and originative variations ar potential. Any substitutions testament ever be of match or greater character.

I love it when my gifts come attractively wrapped in crispy, open cellophane!

Well, you get the point. This site is full of such giggles. I couldn’t make this stuff up, folks! Everything on the site seems to link to Amazon affiliate links or some other storefront. Mostly, though, the site serves as an example of what happens when you rely on a computer to do your translations without the aid of human intervention or proofreading after the fact. Want to read more? Head on over to the site.

If you enjoy this kind of language stuff, you’ll love It features all kinds of products, signs, apparel, and advertisements whose meanings were lost in translation.

4 thoughts on “Antagonistic to the juiceless forms of hot up

  1. I love the scooter: “attending twitch hind” and “adjustable breadth” and “flat liberal tires” – who’s sitting on this thing, King Kong?

  2. Re: the 3 wheeled scooter (not that I need one yet): Actually – It sounds perfect for those of us who still shop and ™ I’d bet that Flat Liberal Tires started out as Run-Flat tires so some such extravaganza. The rest of that site reminds me of talking to a support site for hardware failures. Me: It’s broke, non-functional though the lights look normal …. Them: If the lights are normal what is the problem? Me: It doesn’t work as specified. Them: Please restart the device & tell me what lights come on …………………….. Me (to self) Breathe … Collect skills, how to get them to give me an RMA??? … 😉

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