Another frozen treat for Ohioans

Man, what a drive home. I got off at 6:30pm, but stuck around for an hour talking with a friend I’d not seen in ages. My logic was, there would be less traffic since it would be well after rush hour. Well, that was true, but by the time I left, there was freezing rain. Aaaagh.

I stopped at a drug store and got a gallon of washer fluid, topped it off in the van and put the remainder on the seat next to me so it would be handy. Now, the van’s defroster and heater have been struggling the last few months, so the ice just kept building up on the windshield. I had to use the washer fluid about once a minute just to keep the windshield clear enough to see through.

Then…Yep, the washer fluid ran out while I still had about 20 miles to go. There was absolutely no safe place to pull over since I was on The Barren Stretch of 161 (said in an ominous tone), so I hunkered down and peeped through the one clear place down at the bottom of the windshield. The road was bad enough, I could only go about 30-35mph, tops. The wipers scraped loudly as more ice accumulated on the windshield.

Ahhhhh! Thank goodness, Howie had bought a 12v car heater that plugs into the cigarette lighter. It’s a cheapie and doesn’t do much of anything to warm our feet, but it turned out very handy for keeping the windshield from completely icing over. If it hadn’t been for that little heater, I don’t know how I would have made it home, because that peephole in the windshield was rapidly narrowing.

Ooooh, I am glad to be home. It took me 1 1/2 hours instead of the normal 35-40 minutes. We’re supposed to get 2-5″ of snow on top of this, then up to 1/4″ of ice, and then 2-3″ more snow on top of that.

My boss said to call her in the morning if the roads are bad, because I probably won’t need to come in. Business will be slow if the roads are terrible, anyway, and there’s a new hire there all day with her in addition to the normal crew. From the sounds of it, I may well have a snow day tomorrow, because it is nasty out there and it’s just getting worst overnight.

4 thoughts on “Another frozen treat for Ohioans

  1. I am so glad to hear you made it! I think you should plan on staying at home tomorrow. It sounds like you had a very scary situation on your ride back!

  2. It is a long drive for a part-time job, but I love working there and my boss is terrific. If I had to make a living for us, it wouldn’t be practical; however, as a second income it’s decent enough money for the work. Howie figures I’m happier when I’m working there, so even if I don’t bring home much, it’s cheaper than therapy. LOL

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