Annoying Celebs

I have to pipe up – Jim Carrey is incredibly annoying on talk shows. He’s good at the type of slapstick, over-the-top humor he does, but he is a scene-stealing pest of a guest on talk shows.

Howie and I saw him on Jay Leno last night and just cringed at his behavior, especially when he kept drawing attention to himself when it was Amanda Bynes’ turn to be interviewed. I’d never seen this actress before, but I felt badly for her time with Jay being sabotaged by that ham. She seemed annoyed, despite saying she was a fan of his (we noticed she said “was” and snickered that it might indeed be past tense after this guest appearance by his side).

We half expected Carrey to walk out on the stage while Tim McGraw was singing. It’s hard to say whether Jay was amused or embarassed by Carrey. We’re both just so turned off by Carrey; he strikes us as an immature, attention-starved brat when we see him in interviews. When he did a couple of more toned-down bits on the show, he was pretty funny. It’s just that big humor that really turns us off.

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