An open letter to Quizno’s

Mmmmmmm toasty. Yeah, I love Quizno’s. As a matter of fact, I just enjoyed one of their salads tonight. But I have a beef with them. Quizno’s is under the assumption that all the toasty-sub-buying public cares about is carbs. Thing is, I don’t particularly care about carbs.

So, what DO I want to know? I want to know the calories and fats in various foods. That’s why I have bookmarks for, and They are helpful for general food info, plus list many restaurants’ offerings. But their databases can only be as good as the information released by the restaurants.

I believe that Quizno’s, like other vendors who remain mum on the nutrition question, should follow in the footsteps of competitors who have done the public service of spilling the beans. Chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s, for instance, help their customers make menu choices based on information other than just net carbs. Quizno’s does list a couple of their menu items’ nutritional info, but it’s not enough.

So, I wrote them a brief note via their website. You can, too. Below is an expanded version of what I wrote them.


I am a fan of your restaurants and appreciate the wide variety of choices you offer customers. One thing is missing, though. May I please have a list of the complete nutritional analysis of your menu items?

I know you offer some info on carbs, but there are thousands of us health-conscious folks who don’t give a hoot about net carbs. We want to know not just the carbs, but the calories, fat, sodium, and protein in your menu items.

I would eat at your restaurant a lot more often if I knew that info. In fact, our family actively seeks out restaurants which offer healthy menu choices and lists nutritional content. We choose them before other places. I know we’re not alone in this. Sooner or later, the government’s going to mandate such nutritional disclosure, so Quizno’s might as well be proactive about it, right?

And you can let ME know first. I won’t tell a soul. 😉

Oh, and if you have any coupons, I sure wouldn’t refuse ’em.

Thanks in advance!

So, c’mon, Baby* — show me the calories! Like I said, it’s only a matter of time before restaurants required to post nutritional info.

* By the way, did you know Baby Bob is actually a little girl? I mean, sheesh, she really sounds like a boy! Badum-bum! My favorite ads were the silly ones with Joel Veitch’s bug-eyed, toothy Spongmonkeys singing “Get Quizno’s Subs…They have a pepper bar!” (you know, THIS ONE!). I drove my poor, odd-humor-challenged husband crazy playing those clips.

We love the subs! Because they are good to us.
The Quiznos subs.
They are tasty. They are crunchy.
They are warm because they toast them.
They got a pepper bar!

Update 7/25/2006: Still no word from Quizno’s regarding a nutrition guide for their food. What a shame. Also, I’ve closed comments on this entry because it has been a spam magnet and I’m tired of deleting the junk comments from my MT junk filter.

11 thoughts on “An open letter to Quizno’s

  1. Good letter. Let us know if they respond. We get their advertisements on cable tv but there is not a single Quisnos within a 3 hour drive of us. They sure look inticing on those ads though!

  2. Okay, you are going to have a fit when I tell you this, but it is true. Once I saw those commercials way back with the Spongmonkeys, I vowed that I would NEVER eat there. They totally freaked me and my entire family out. I should actually say that they grossed us out and made us even look at the food differently. To us, they look like dying hamsters that are actually repulsive. It’s amazing how differently a commercial can influence people – for better or worse.

  3. You are right about there being more to nutritional disclosure than carbs alone. For diabetics, the sugar and sodium content is extremely important.

    Funny I am reading your post today; Robert and I just got takeout from Quiznos. Me, my usual Angus sub and he the Steakhouse Dip. We split a bowl of their chicken and corn chowder and I am NOT a soup fan, but I must have this soup. I won’t walk out of Quiznos in the future without it!

    @Tami, yeah, those things (which looked like nothing so much as roadkill or street pizzas) gave me the creeps too! What marketing genius thought those up!?

  4. I really like your letter, let me know if they respond.
    My favorite item on their menu is the honey bacon club, have you had it? It is to die for, I absolutely love it. This is the one single item I always get from them (how boring I know ? but it is truly my favorite and I can?t seem to force myself to try anything else).
    I have to agree with some of the other comments posted here, their commercials are kind of freaky! I can?t imagine anyone being motivated to try their food after seeing those little hamsters look alike on TV. I believe they are now showing some sore of taking baby/toddler ? and in my opinion is not any better than the commercials they had before ? way tooooooo freaky.

  5. I have yet to eat (or SEE for that matter) a Quiznos around here and I agree with Tami though – the commercials creeped me out. The teeth on those things *shudder*. I do like knowing what is in my food though and I commend you for writing to them. I’d be curious to know how they reply.. and if they send you coupons! LOL!

  6. Yeah, the creatures themselves are creepy, I’ll give you that. It was mostly the silly songs I liked. They were just so over-the-top silly. So far, no answer from Quizno’s…Not even an auto-responder. How disappointing!

  7. A clip on our local Columbus news tonight said that Quizno’s is re-doing their menu and doing away with trans-fats. Still no response to my letter, however. Guess they’re too busy counting the carbs in their new recipes! 😉

  8. Still no response to my e-mail to them. Sent them another today:

    “Hi, it’s me again. I never received any reply to my e-mail of April 8, posted publically at

    There’s been quite few responses to that post as well as one I did later as follow-up.

    You have a great product; we just want you to be more forthcoming with the nutritional info so your customers may make more informed choices. Subway does this, and as a result, we seek out Subway restaurants when traveling. It would help your business, not hinder it.


  9. I work at a Quiznos’s, and let first say that it’s a really clean and beautiful establishment. However, Quiznos does not release nutrtitional information for their subs. This may be because their subs have mad amounts of fat (judginig from the sauce bottles atleast) Two tablespoons of carboneara sauce has almost 20 g of fat! The honey bacon club has 14 g of fat … and this is just the sauce!

    Indeed there are some low fat sauces, but most are filled with fat. I really think quizno’s should release nutritional infomation and stop toying with their customoers. I mean, people come in and order a large carboneara thinking it’s good for them! It’s worse than a big mac for God’s sake!

  10. I love their commerical its so funny!!! I dont care what the little rats look like…the song is very catchy.

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