An ocean of angst

We’ve had a bit of disturbing news today, though it’s not totally unexpected.

The doctor’s office called with the results of Howie’s Tuesday MRI, and it’s not good news. There are some vertebrae sitting together with nothing between them, a new herniated disk, arthritis, and his curve is bad (that we knew).

It was just the nurse we spoke to, so we won’t know more until he can see the doctor. He was so afraid it would be something requiring surgery, and this looks like it is. He’s said he’s not having surgery again, but where will all this lead if he doesn’t?

It’s so ironic that he could lose 140 pounds and be hit with this now. Doggone it. Where DID I put that darned magic wand of mine? He’s my heart, and I can’t stand that he’s going through this.

Shae’s entry today really puts this in perspective. This is one heck of an undertow wanting to drag us out to sea. Please pray for God’s strong hand to lift us up.

~~~ One more thing ~~~

For those who don’t know Howie’s story, here it is in a nutshell: He fell 10′ onto pavement at work in 1994, breaking eight ribs and fracturing two vertebrae. After months of PT, he went back to his job at the lumber yard. In the autumn of 1995, though, he reinjured his back while unloading a delivery of shingles. After numerous tests, it was decided surgery was needed. He unerwent fusion surgery (AKA laminectomy) in spring of 1996, where the surgeon took bone from his hip and fused L3-L4 together with it.

During his recovery, Howie endured the hot summer of 1996 in his “turtle shell”, a custom-made plastic brace which molded to his body shape. He wore it all the time, except when he was sleeping or bathing.

That same summer we learned that he qualified for job retraining through the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitaion (BVR). He attended Central Ohio Technical College (COTC), graduating with honors in 1999 with an Associate Degree in Computer Programming, ten years after I graduated from there with my Business Management/Marketing degree.

He’s been through a lot, but is such a trooper. He “grins and bears it”. I just hate to think of him facing more surgery, but seeing him in pain like he’s been is awful, too.

6 thoughts on “An ocean of angst

  1. I am so sorry. It seems like the weight loss would have helped some. When is his appointment to find out what the doctor suggests? Did he graduate in 1996? You put 1992, but I don’t think that’s what you meant.

  2. Oh Kimberly I am so sorry to hear about all this. I guess all we can do is pray that the doctor has something in mind that will really help Howie. When do you guys get to see the actual doctor?

  3. Thank you both. Tami, good catch. It was 1999 he graduated, actually! I must have had our wedding year in mind. We called our family doctor’s today to set up an appointment, and she’s out until Monday. She has his films on her desk and will call us. She might just refer him straight to a specialist, I don’t know.

  4. Thanks for the comments Kimberley; that wasn’t the template I was changing but as I only changed that one a couple of weeks ago when I found time to blog again, I’m reluctant to change it yet. I do know what you mean though. Best of luck to Howie too. My Hubby has a similar problem with his back so I understand a little of how you feel. Hope your weekend will be a more cheerful one.

  5. I am so sorry you are having to go through that. I will keep you both in my prayers. Just remember God is bigger than the ocean.


  6. I have been keeping up with your weight loss, both you and Howie. You both look wonderful. I will keep you in my prayers.

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