An Eye for a Tooth

M*A*S*H is something I watched as a kid, but a show for which I had only surface appreciation. Now I watch it and find myself crying or laughing, many times running this gamut within one episode’s timespan. No, it’s not hormones; it’s good writing and great acting. Tonight’s rerun of “An Eye for a Tooth” had me tossing in gales of laughter.

Hawkeye and Hunnicutt are showering. In waltzes Margaret, smiling. As they watch and protest, she nabs their bathrobes and exits. As they peek out the latrine door, Honnicutt encourages, “heads held high, hands held low”, and they venture out toward The Swamp. They arrive safe and unseen, open the door, and…

There’s Margaret and her band of randy nurses, enjoying the show! They’re eating popcorn, throwing it at the boys. One holds a large magnifying glass. All are hooting and hollaring. Ordered out by the ambushed men, Margaret says “Oh, I think we’ve seen everything there is to see!”.

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3 thoughts on “An Eye for a Tooth

  1. That does sound funny! I’ve often wondered if I would have an appreciation for MASH now that I’m older. As a kid I thought it was boring but I’m sure that’s because I didn’t “get” the jokes.

  2. Being older, I loved that show the first time around and still love in in syndication.

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