America’s Least Wanted

haircut 1945

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Way back in 1945, this guy probably turned to a life of crime in order to support his Brillo Cream habit. That is SOME wave he had going on there!

3 thoughts on “America’s Least Wanted

  1. Yea, that was the look. I think guys now days spend a lot of time on their hair. This boy (about 11 years old) at our church has half of his face covered. Anytime he wants to talk, he’s constantly flipping that head. It is SO funny!

  2. Hello there. I was looking on the trek earth forum and your name gardenwife caught my attention. I clicked on your URL and found your interesting wib site. Very nice indeed. I have a nickname at work which is “Gardenweasel” Long story behind that one. At any rate thanks for the link. Cheers and have a good day

    Paul Enns from British Columbia Canada

  3. Hey, Paul – nice to see you! 🙂 Do people ever just call you GW? They do me. Shoot, I answer to GW, Kimberley or Gardenwife without a thought.

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