Almost a new decade

The scale was friendly today…

It teetered between 209 and 210, and I went with the higher number. Next week I should be in a new “decade” and soon after that I’ll be in ONEderland. It’s been about 12 years since I weighed one-anything. Shortly after we were married, I slimmed down to 199, but didn’t stick with it. Like I’ve said before, we counted calories, but we didn’t eat right. Now that we know how to eat, it’s a lot easier.

More soon…Including more Newark Downtown Farmer’s Market pictures and news of the canine.

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4 thoughts on “Almost a new decade

  1. Thanks, Tami. I was Queen of Carbs today, sampling fresh bread and cookies at the market. Oh, my…So good. Oh, sweet corn and green beans, too. I’m within my calories, but 75% of them came from starches today, LOL!

  2. Great news! I guess I have to tell you! We are in close same numbers!!!


  3. Hi, Tricia – good to see you! Keep it up and it’ll come off. We’re all in this together. 😉

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