The ceiling paint, primer for the walls, and wall color are bought and home. We’re still doing prep work, but I put some up on a section of wall. That red sure looks a lot brighter than it did on the chip…Not too sure about this. I hope it will look a lot different over the tinted primer than it does after two coats on the test spot.

I tell ya, ammonia is one strong-smelling chemical. It also works great for cutting grease. That’s my latest quest with the kitchen. It’s today’s entry in my DG journal.

3 thoughts on “Ah-moan-ya….Urp

  1. It will look great. Go with it and don’t doubt yourself. I used to do that too, but once the colors were up I have always loved them as much as I had dreamed of.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence. It just looks so pinky red instead of deep burgundy red. 😛 Of course, that’s two coats of paint over yellow, no tinted primer beneath it. If it’s too light I could always use a darker burgundy and do a wash over it. 🙂 Shoot, I’m still prepping the darned room. We need to get a primer for the ceiling, too. Oh, Howie…..

  3. Yes, I guess it looks pink because of the yellow underneath. Gosh, you may need a darker tint to cover the yellow and get the dark color you desire. We did our bathroom in burgundy, but we were just covering plain white walls. It still took two or three coats, but it looks beautiful 🙂

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