Added Fotobook and Lightbox 2

Just a quick nerdy update. Just skip this if your eyes glaze over when people start talking about technical stuff. 😉

In Howie’s footsteps, I added the Fotobook plugin to my blog. It’s an application that pulls my Facebook albums and displays them within my blog on their own page. They’re on the Photos page. I still have to figure out how to add a chron job so they’ll update automatically, pulling the most recent versions from Facebook.

I also removed the WP FancyZoom plugin and installed in favor of Lightbox 2. I really like FancyZoom, but it won’t work with Fotobook in its lightbox mode.

Things got dicey when I was messing with those plugins and my blog suddenly displayed only the entry titles and the stuff that goes below entries; the post bodies were missing. After the initial shock, I posted back and forth with friends on Twitter.

Special shoutouts to MissMotorMouth, nrek, Karoli, davidspan, wpthoughts, and AuctionDirect. Thank you all for your kind offers of help with the disappearing posts issue!

I suspected it had to do with the first version of Lightbox 2 I’d installed. In a thread on Facebook’s Fotobook group page, Lightbox won’t work, I learned two things. One, Fotobook works fine in WordPress 2.7 if you use the older version of Lightbox: version Additionally, I am not the only person to have blog entry bodies disappear from view after installing Lightbox 2.

Things seem to be running smoothly now. I’m doing another backup!

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