Abandon The MT Ship

I am about ready to abandon MovableType and go skittering back to Blogger with my tail between my legs. I am not a code freak and don’t enjoy hassling with templates to get them to do what I need and to look how I want. Some folks love all the twiddling and tweaking, but to me it’s just so much crazy-making obsession I can do without…Especially for as little payoff as it offers me in return.

I can deal with simple issues like posting links, pictures, and formatting text. MT’s CSS stuff has me stumped and I’m tired of dealing with it. I’m tired of having my blog display incorrectly in anything but IE, and I’m not willing to spend hours figuring out why. Life’s just too short and there are too many neat photos to take and things to write!

I want simplicity, y’all, even at the expense of customization. And I want to have comments again! I miss the conversations that happened here at Gardenwife.com.

I was looking into WordPress after reading a couple reviews of it, but it looks just as complicated as MT, if not moreso. Shoot, I couldn’t even get a database created in my website’s control panel when I tried. Oh, fuhgedabouddit.

Now, Howie does his blog in MS FrontPage (2000), but I want the flexibility of quickly popping into a web-based interface and blogging from any location.

I will miss MT’s easy file upload and linking, though. As far as I know, Blogger still makes you host your images on your own site, so using them will mean that my photos will involve two separate steps: uploading the image to a folder on my site, and then linking to it in my Blogger entries.

If I could, I’d just pay an MT guru (or barter!) to get things going the way they should be. Then I would not be so frustrated, I suspect. In a nutshell, I want these things: (1) Formatting that is BOTH Mozilla/Firefox and IE-friendly (2) templates I can fathom without taking a night course and (3) no more comment spam.

I’ve read the various solutions for the latter, and I am just not up to it. Have I mentioned I’m tired of tweaking? *sigh*

{End Rant}

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