A Table Heavy Laden In Thanks

For us here in the States, today’s Thanksgiving. Our turkey is in the fridge, soaking in a bucketful of brine. At 6:00am, it will be time to turn the bird around so the other end of it receives a good soak, too.

We’re using Alton Brown’s excellent Roasted Turkey recipe, but we’re modifying slightly.

His calls for allspice in the brine, and cinnamon in the aromatics with which the bird is stuffed. We tried his recipe once, but weren’t fond of those two essences in the flavor. This year, we’re omitting them and the candied ginger.

Any way we do it, it’s sure to be very juicy and flavorful – the brining process brings all the good flavors deep into the meat, and it’s wonderful! I have my green bean casserole all mixed up and ready to pop in the oven, and Howie made a large veggie tray. We’re all set!

Sleep sounds really good, but I was cleaning most of the evening and night, so I’m having trouble winding down. There’s time for a nap this afternoon, after the turkey-sedative kick in. Best thing is, we’re at home for the first Thanksgiving ever and don’t have to doze off on someone else’s couch or drive home half asleep!

Yep, this is the first Thanksgiving we’re hosting at our house. It was always at my mother-in-law’s, but since she moved in here, it’s been moved here. There will only be ten people this year, all adults, so it should be manageable.

My mother-in-law’s providing the mashed potatoes, stuffing and a pie. Mom and dad are bringing mom’s excellent homemade cranberry relish. I’m not sure what my brothers-in-law and sister-in-law will bring, but between them it’ll likely round out the soda, pie, dinner rolls, and disposable cups and plates (we’re a casual family, don’t ya know, and would rather spend time visiting than doing dishes).

It’s kind of sad now that Howie’s oldest niece and nephew are grown up with families and children of their own. They always came to my mother-in-law’s with their folks, but now they spend the holidays with their parents instead my mother-in-law. His other nieces and nephew have homes split by divorce, and are spending Thanksgiving with the ex-spouses. I’ll miss seeing them.

Life moves on, I guess. We sometimes feel timeless — not having kids of our own, there’s not a lot of milestones around these parts!

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