A square to spare?

I get so sick of celebrities telling us how we’re sacking the planet and instructing us with steps we must all take to save it. Sheryl Crow’s latest suggestion, limiting toilet paper use to one square per visit, is the most asinine one I’ve heard yet. This article from The Register will fill you in on the details. Be sure to read the comments! They made me laugh aloud. If she gets her way, I’m in big trouble.

3 thoughts on “A square to spare?

  1. Rosie O’Donnell was talking about this yesterday on The View. She talked about how Sheryl Crow said we should only use one square of TP and then she said something like, “Has she seen how big my ass is?”
    It was VERY funny!

  2. What a pity. Can anyone really be that ignorant that in an hours worth of contemplation this is the best idea they could form? I really think this gal needs to be given a keeper so she doesn’t hurt herself the next time she trys to think.

    And as for paper napkins, hasn’t she seen the lovely brown ones that are made of recycled paper? And paper napkins breakdown quickly in the land fills but are used with detergents and bleach to sanitize cloth must be filtered and treated with chemicals. Those chemicals must be containerized in various types of materials from paper to plastic to glass and metal. Seems to me she should be espousing the advantages of paper napkins….

    Unfortunately this woman’s attempt at what I am sure was intended to be a good deed has instead made her lack of intelligence very clear.

  3. Whoa! how did my sentences get all twisted? The cloth napkins require the chemicals but somehow part of a sentence was dropped and the next sentence lost a couple of words also. I promise ya I was not drunk when I typed that!

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