A slight delay on the home front

Our contractor called Howie tonight and said he’s been scheduled to work this weekend. He’s still coming by on Friday to look things over and gather a list of materials he’ll need, though. He’ll also swing by some time this weekend to mend the gaping holes we found upon removing the right-most wall cabinet. He plans to come next weekend to do the rest, and thinks he can get the floor done at that time, as well.

It’s been so frustrating dealing with the delays on our roof, my heart sank when I heard about this hiccup. I don’t want to be negative about this and complain, though; at least we know from prior experience that John does great work and it will be worth the wait.

It’ll also give my newly-painted walls a chance to cure. Yeah, that’s it. I was hoping to have the cabinets installed before I chose and applied the colors for the soffit and trim, but now I think I’d better just go ahead and do them, especially if he’s going to do the floor the same weekend as the cabinets.

Back to the drawing board!

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