A Pupdate

Sarah’s vet appointment was today, and we were at the office from 4-5:30pm, most of it waiting for the appointment. The vet’s office is the one place I really don’t mind waiting; in fact, it’s rather enjoyable to sit there with my critter and meet all the critters and their people.

There was such a wide assortment of fur there today. In that short timespan of an hour and a half, I met

  • a 13-year old black dachshund named Lucy
  • a tiny mini dachshund puppy*
  • a ferret
  • a Great Pyranese
  • a black mini toy poodle named Rascal
  • a huge 7-week old rottweiler pup named Brody
  • a cream and white sheltie
  • a massive golden retreiver named Midas
  • a big brown lab
  • a stout fawn and white very male basset hound
  • a yellow lab puppy
  • two kitties well-hidden in their carriers

    * Sarah loved this puppy and made the same trilling sound she makes when she wants people she really likes to pay attention to her. I’ll have to record some of her vocalizations sometime – she has quite a range.

    Everyone who came in commented on what a good dog Sarah is. It’s true – she really is an exceptionally calm and sweet dog, if I do say so myself. We can’t take credit for her training and temperment, for we got her when she was almost two. She sat up on the chair next to me, or on my lap, and was so well-behaved and friendly. I was proud of her. 🙂

    I managed to get a tiny urine sample just before we went into the building. I told Jim what’s been going on with Sarah, and he took a look at the sample. There was no pus or blood in her urine, but it was full of crystals. Uh-oh, not good. Crystals are how stones start out.

    He prescribed an antibiotic as a preventative because the crystals are sharp and he said it would not be unusual for an infection to result from their irritation. He also prescribed estrogen to help with her mild incontinence.

    Also, though he was surprised to see it, he said her missing food for a week could have contributed to the formation of the crystals; the food actually changes the body chemistry and makes the dog’s urine more acidic so crystals are broken down. She might have been borderline in making them with the food, and not having the food might have put her over the top.

    I asked if it would be better for Sarah to be fed twice daily since the food did change her chemistry with its ingestion. He thought about it a moment and beamed, “Yessss, I think that would be better!”. It makes sense, since the food only helps while it’s in her body, and if she only eats once a day, she’s only helped by it for eight or twelve hours. If she’s fed twice daily, the good effect will be there 24/7.

    I’ll finish this post tomorrow with a little more info. Right now, I have a date with my hubby to watch our videotape of Survivor from tonight!

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    8 thoughts on “A Pupdate

    1. Wow! It’s amazing what food can do to a body – and for the good! So, are you having to shove pills down or can you just put them in a piece of meat?
      Cats are a little different as I’m sure you well know. It’s SUCH fun getting a pill down their throats 😉
      What did you think of Survivor? Personally, I was happy with the outcome and thought it was a smart move. I don’t know about you, but I am for Tribe Chapera and have been since the beginning.

    2. We’ve never had to pill the cats; fortunately, our vets have prescribed any medications they needed in liquid form, so I pretty much just had to grab the kitty by the scruff and put the tip of the dropper far back in her mouth and squeeze!

      Howie and I have been rooting for Chapera from the start, and partly because Rupert’s in it, and partly because they’re having FUN.

      Ooooh, Survivor’s site has a live chat with Colby going on. I’m so THERE. 🙂

      Naomi, I think I might have enjoyed being a vet. I’m trying to convince the practice to hire me to do data entry of their records; they just got a new computer and client software. Even if I could do it as a barter in exchange for vet services, I’d do it. 🙂

    3. I am glad to hear Sarah is feeling better. Feeding her twice a day does make a lot of sense too.

    4. Nope, no kitty food. I feed the cats behind a big lap desk we use as a barricade (we call it the Big Bad Board). It’s fallen a few times and the dogs are both very leery of it and give it a wide berth.

    5. Sarah has some sort of growth on her elbow now. We just noticed it today. We hope it isn’t anything bad…Taking her to the vet at 5pm. AND I have had some intestinal virus again, second time this year. Dang it.

    6. Well, it looks like it might just be an infection around a bite or wound of some kind – there was bacteria in the sample the vet withdrew by syringe. She’s on a stronger antibiotic now and we’re to watch her and see how she’s doing.

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