A Mouse In My Mailbox

Well, technically, we only have a mail slot and it’s in our front door, but we did get a mouse in the mail. Okay, technically two mice. And a duck, and a couple dogs (at least I think one of them is a dog). Thanks for the postcard, Busgirlie! 🙂

Speaking of traveling…We won’t be a leavin’ on a jet plane for a while yet, but we did buy the tickets for our Thanksgiving visit to Louisiana. I am SO excited – other than visiting Tennessee last year and again this spring, this is the first real vacation (more than 4 days) we’ve taken since visiting my sister-in-law in 1999. We’re going to stay at the home of friends we made via Dave’s Garden and met last year. It’s really cool to visit people you know, because they know the good stuff to do and what stuff isn’t. Lisa and her hubby are really sweet, funny, laid-back folks — and can they cook. Their little girl was so sweet on the phone the other night – she’s a darling little thing, a four-year-old sprite with a smile that could melt the Grinch’s heart.

We’re don’t usually have to dress for summer temps and humidity in November, so I did some shopping for cool and comfy clothes since ours are pretty ratty for anything but yard work. And, like I told my aunt, I’ve become an old fogey. Yes, I will soon own five seersucker shirts from Blair.com. I bought four seersucker gingham-checked shirts in various colors, along with a pair of shorts. Hey, as far as I’m concerned, they’re pre-wrinkled so they’ll be a breeze to pack. They’re also lightweight and cool to wear. I can wash and dry them and have clothes to wear the next day.

This is my second order from Blair and I’ve been really happy with their products and with their service. These shirts are on clearance now, and I couldn’t pass up $9.99 each, with free shipping and no sales tax. Check out currentcodes.com for all the latest online discount codes for your favorite online stores – that’s where I got the code for free shipping. 🙂

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