A master of vocabulary

Howie and I are playing Scrabble Express at Caribou again. I am just so impressed with his vocabulary tonight!


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6 thoughts on “A master of vocabulary

  1. Are you doing this during work hours or do you love Caribou so much you visit even when not working? Hmmm?

    I bet Howie got some major points for those two P’s! Who won?

  2. POOPY, an adj often used to describe an environment (whether surroundings, article of clothing, or ambiance) that requires, needs, or once had attention. (not to be confused with “pooh-py” which refers to a person or bear-type creature)

  3. That’s my Shoe! 😀 No, I wasn’t at work. We were just hanging out at the local Caribou. I work at one in a neighboring town, but hang out at the local store.

    Dea, when I read Howie your comment, he blurted out that old line, “Tell her to look that up in her Funk and Wagnall’s”, only he said it the way the joke goes, dropping the F-bomb. His eyes got big and he got that grin (you know, that grin!) because he didn’t mean to actually say THAT, let alone so loudly! It was so funny. Poor guy!

    As for who won…Howie, well, pooped out on the game, so we never finished. I’m pretty sure I was winning since I had a 38 pointer with the word amazed. Heh. Poor guy was so tired, though; he’d been awake since 3am, thanks to a call from someone at his company’s plant who needed assistance with an order he’d programmed.

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