A little less indecisive every day

We know the colors we want to use in the kitchen, just not where each will go. Basically, walking into our kitchen will be akin to looking out into a fall landscape…Burgundy, pale yellow, gold, and green. Looking for inspiration, I strolled down the housewares aisle at Meijer and picked up a placemat and some cloth napkins that embodied the mood we’re looking for. This picture shows the linens next to one of the cabinet doors. Pulling colors from this is easy; deciding where each color will go is not quite so easy. The main color for the walls is one of those deep burgundy-red colors in the apples. There will be splashes of gold, as well as some green.

There are tools available online to help a visual person like myself make these choices. One is Behr’s Color Smart tool. Another is Dutch Boy’s Color Cast application. Glidden weighs in with their own Color Visualizer, too.

One thing I wish all of the above would do is offer an option to show the cabinets in various wood finishes. The only thing I’ve been able to do is “paint” the cabinets a color approximating our new cabinets’ honey maple finish. It’s just not the same.

I broke down earlier and bought the Lowe’s Signature Colors Virtual Painter program for $5.97, which lets me import my own photo and paint it. It has the same drawbacks as the online tools, such as the lack of woodgrain cabinet finishes, but it does let me import my own photos and paint them. It is limited to the colors they have available, though, and I can’t quite get the countertop dark enough to mimic the Noir Envision countertop we’re ordering. I might just color the countertop first, then import the photo.

We have the tools to start prepping the room, but we were both too sore from a day of walking yesterday. My knee is better as long as I don’t do a lot of walking, but today it’s sore from the exertion. We decided to rest today and start scraping and spackling tomorrow.

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