A Little Hope

The following was on Petfinder.com’s opening page tonight. Since they probably rotate content, I am including the story in its entirety here.

When the Tichenor?s dog, Larry, died of renal failure, the couple was in shock. Jocelyn prayed aloud, ?Oh please, God, send us a little hope to get us through this terrible time.?

The Tichenors of Fredericksburg, VA, began to look on Petfinder.com and called about a pug at Animal Welfare Society of Howard County in Maryland. The dog was named Hope, but Jocelyn didn?t think about the coincidence until the staff member called the dog ?little Hope? because she weighed only 17 pounds.

?God did answer our prayers,? says Cliff, ?he sent us a little Hope.”

What a neat story of a pet being a direct answer to prayer, and proof that God not only cares about the “little” things, but has a sense of humor.

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