A comFURting day

I’ve been snuggled up in my jammies and comfy terrycloth robe today. A visit to the doctor on Friday brought an answer to why I’ve been feeling so wiped out, lung-gunky and a bit short of breath the last couple weeks; it’s nothing serious, just walking pneumonia, but I’m now on antibiotics and an inhaler. This should clear up soon, I’m hoping. When I’m sick, I’m extra thankful that I can work at home! I am also able to work like this:


You can’t tell from the serious bed-head coiffure in this shot, but I really did get a cute, razor-cut hairstyle yesterday. Vanity be damned, I had to show you what life with three heat-seeking animals is like. When it’s warm, Sarah’s the only one who wants to snuggle. Today, though, I had only to lift the corner of my throw and invite Emma, “you wanna go moley?” and she was quick to crawl up on my lap beneath the blanky.

Once I get them situated, it’s really not that hard to type on the wireless keyboard. Of course, getting up to refill my mug with hot tea water presents its own issues. So far, though, they’ve all been drawn right back into place once I sit back down.

Gotta love fall and winter.

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6 thoughts on “A comFURting day

  1. I’m still feeling puny, a week later. All I can figure is, it’s viral. Otherwise, the antibiotics would have me feeling a lot better by now.

  2. Must be viral …. Breathing better I pray? How’s Howie doing with the housework

  3. Hey, Skip! Started feeling a little better then Howie and I got whacked by a cold over the weekend. We’ll get past it. LOL

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