A cat butt trumps all

A cat butt trumps all

A cat butt trumps all,
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I was going through some of my photos at Flickr and ran across this shot of Emma and the cats. Click the thumbnail to view the original. Dogs are just gross. But, when you think about it, so are humans. We might not lick our nether regions (though you know some people would if they could – blech!), but we have plenty of other nasty habits.

Our interpersonal habits are the foulest. If we showed the simple, unconditional love that our canine companions do, life would be happier. This would have to be balanced with common sense, though, because a dog will lick the very hand that beats it.

4 thoughts on “A cat butt trumps all

  1. We all have that one weakness…that one thing that allows us to forgive the seemingly unforgivable. But common sense isn’t a bad trait to have.

  2. I guess I’m just pretty desensitized at this point. After all, for 9 years now, we’ve witnessed a dog gleefully running toward the sound of a cat puking. Hot meal! Yeah, it’s gross, but it’s life with dogs and cats. LOL

  3. Joanie, that’s true. One only has to witness how people stay in the most poisonous and abusive relationships to see this. The difficulty in life is finding a balance between forgiveness and self-preservation.

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