Seems I’ve just played catch-up all weekend after weigh-in and I never got around to posting (not in my blog, anyway). The scale was kind and told me I weighed 226. Mentally, this one’s a biggie, my half-way point: 51 down, 51 to go.

After weigh-in, we had our weekly Muffin goodness and coffee, killed a little time at home, and went to the YMCA. Howie worked out while I had an appointment with Constance for my second fitness assessment.

The results were encouraging, with my body fat going from 39.9% on February 14 down to 34% Friday! She took measurements for me, too, because I know I’ll hit a plateau sooner or later and I’d like to be able to look at measurements and see that I am a smaller person even if the pounds aren’t dropping like they did for a while.

Constance asked me to write an article for the YMCA newsletter regarding Howie’s and my weight loss and fitness efforts. It might be in the local paper, too. We’re so honored, and what a cool thing to have the opportunity to encourage others in this way! I have so much going through my head, and so much to say, it’s hard to shave it down.

My workouts have become more intense now. Constance showed me a better way to hold the bars on the upper body machines, a way which doesn’t put such strain on my weak thumbs and wrists. I also learned I’ve not been breathing well while working out (I should exhale on the strain, inhale on the retun). The weights were not set high enough for me, either – they were not challenging me. She said it’s okay for my knee to have some pain when working out, too; it’s a relief to know that, but it’s also one less excuse I can pull out if I don’t feel like exercising!

On the not-so-good side, my blood pressure was very high at 150/105 when she checked it. Yie! I did have a large McDonald’s coffee plus another cup at home, just prior to going to the YMCA. But it’s not just Friday; it tested high lately at various store BP kiosks lately. This concerns me, especially since I’ve been working hard to lose weight and eat right – what an irony to have high blood pressure.

Sunday we took my folks to an open house at the YMCA and the nurse got a reading on me of 128/86, still high but not that bad. Blah. Come weigh-in day Friday, I’ll get my blood pressure checked, too. I have an appointment at the doctor’s on Monday, anyway, to talk to her about that plus another issue.

I know pseudoephedrine (sold under the brand name Sudafed and other sinus remedies) raise blood pressure, so I’ve been trying to limit my consumption of that. It’s been hard, though, as sinus problems are a given with me. Since my recent house cleaning frenzy, along with normal weather fluctuations and seasonal allergies, my sinuses have been bad. Today I had a bad enough headache I finally took a couple doses just to relieve the pressure.

Mostly, though, I’m encouraged. Honest!

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5 thoughts on “51/51

  1. It is really wonderful that you have kept on track. When I have gone on diets and did not loose quickly enough, I always gave up. So, good job!

    I agree that you should stay on top of that BP thing. I just saw a doctor on Oprah that was saying how dangerous a high BP can be. BTW, I had no idea that Sudafed could raise it. Thanks for the info!

  2. for what it’s worth YOU IMPRESS THE HELL OUT OF ME! and no–heck would not have cut it here!
    i am VERY VERY PROUD of all your effort.
    Keep watching the BP though..

  3. 51 lbs! Wahooo! ! !

    I am excited for you. You will post your article here for us to read won’t you?

  4. You are doing so wonderful and great. That is awesome to be at the halfway point. I still have about 30 pounds until I reach that point. I think that is neat you are going to be featured in an article and getting to write it–even better.

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