37 cellos (and nuthin’ on)

Multitrack music recording is nothing new. It’s been around since the 1950’s, and it revolutionized the recording industry. If you’re interested in the particulars, read this short history of multitrack recording. I saw something today which blew me away, though. A Cello Rondo, by Ethan Winer, takes multitrack recording and brings it to a new level (new to me, anyway), with a 23-track video recording featuring 37 cello sounds. Enjoy:

Thanks go to YouTube for the ability to embed that video in this blog. If you’re unable to view it, you need to download the free Macromedia Flash Player plug-in for your browser.

Gardenwife is a closet musician. I don’t read music, not more than knowing bits and pieces and seeing when to go up or down when singing, but I appreciate complex composition and the technical nature of recordings when I hear them. During my high school and college years, I became pretty proficient on the 12-string guitar and taught myself to play piano by listening to the notes in guitar chords and transferring them to a keyboard. I play both instruments by ear and by guitar chords. I can play pretty much any instrument if I learn the basics of operating it.

For some reason, my musicianship went by the wayside not too long after I was married. It was probably about the time I stepped down from the worship team at our former church, sorely burnt out and lacking the enjoyment for music I’d had before. Soon after that, I discovered computers and they began to consume my spare time.

I’ve not given up on music, though my keyboard and guitar have been stored away, unused, for probably ten years now. I keep saying I’ll bring them out and start writing again. It seems a tremendous waste to let it go by the wayside. But I have so many interests and hobbies — reading, computers, gardening, drawing, scrapbooking, photography, writing. My interest in each waxes and wanes; I suppose that’s normal, but I envy people who find a passion and really bring it to fruition. I never seem to have the concentration or discipline to do that.

Call me a butterfly.

One thought on “37 cellos (and nuthin’ on)

  1. Interesting; Always wanted to learn how to do that kind of mixing etc. Never had the time nor the money for that big a board 🙂 I got to do some sound board at the church we used to attend but their board was real small and didn’t have any where near the video capacity. Who knows what kind of things we will get to do in the Kingdom of Christ!


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