3 Amigos

It started out as a beep in my headset and a woman’s voice saying “yes, do you have coffee there?”. Customers have asked more clueless things than this, so I cheerfully replied that we certainly do and I could hook her up with some. We went back and forth and an order was (finally) placed an order. Then the woman said, “thanks, Kimberley”. Huh?

So it was a regular, or another Bou employee from another store…But I didn’t recognize the voice. I’d find out soon enough.

The mystery was solved when I saw the big, black pickup truck and its three laughing occupants. These guys are nuts!

It was the three amigos: Dave, Travis and Mark at our drive-thru today. Travis is a regular at our store (though the only song I’ve seen him sing about coffee is for our main competitor, ahem). He and Dave, along with a laptop computer and assorted guitars make up the kickin’ band Station 2. I have their CD and love it.

Guys, you’re nuts. Don’t ever change. 🙂

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